Thursday, March 27, 2014

Update 3/27/14

 It's been nearly a century since I've blogged. Thought I was leaving for good, so sure I deleted all of my old content. Honestly blogging seemed like a chore. But I think I'm going to take another stab at it, keeping to more personalized posts this time because let's face it, I'm terrible at explaining makeup products and reviews just weren't my thing. I'll probably still post the occasional product rave every now and then.

So where have I been? Well I actually turned into a glam zombie! 

Haha. Turns out face paint might be my niche, but I can only do it well on myself for some reason. 
This one was inspired by the ultra amazing Durga Usagi <3 p="">

This was really popular on my facebook page but I only really like my brow and lips in this one haha.

I've bleached and colored my hair several killer colors in the span of a few months.

First I went blonde, bleached about 4 times. Killed my hair but YOLO

Left toner on my head for about 30 minutes after more bleaching, turned my hair gray! Yay!

Decided I wanted purple again, so I used 1 part conditioner 1 part
 Manic Panic purple haze to get a plum purple shade. 

 That faded after about a week so I said screw it and go back to red. Tried "fire red" from L'oreal high lift colors. Fire Red means basic orange. (PS bewbz)

 Whilst going through hair heaven, Josh decided it would be a great idea to improve his beauty regime. How lucky is he to have a beautician as a girlfriend?! He's actually one of the few guys I know that wear makeup. We went concealer shopping together and did egg white facials. He's a bigger diva than me!

Anyway, that's all the shenanigans I feel like typing out tonight. I'm thinking weekly posts may be good for me, even if no one cares to read them. ^-^